About me

Hi, I’m Alisha, a content designer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Hi, I’m Alisha.

You can get in touch with me via email.

I’m a content designer in Auckland, New Zealand.

I write, edit and manage content to support great customer experiences. I enjoy strategic work in fast-paced organisations. I especially like working on projects that have clear milestones, measurable outcomes and high value to the business.

What I do

  • Content design
  • UX design
  • Content strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing & editing
  • Technical communication

My work experience

Content Designer

Spark New Zealand
November 2019 to present

I write, edit and design digital experiences for all of I’m a writer and web content designer. I’m a champion of plain English and touch-first design. I’m also a tech-savvy digital producer with knowledge of SEO and web analytics.

Technical Writer

Deane Apparel
September to October 2018

I documented an online uniform management system in coordination with developers. I wrote, tested and delivered an online knowledge base in Confluence.

Download the writing sample as a PDF file.


Varsity Tutors
March to August 2018

I know my grammar, and I love meeting new people. I used previous experience as an academic writing consultant and English teacher to tutor American high school students in literature, English language and reading comprehension.


InTouch Language Inc.
February to August 2018

I spent a few months teaching English lessons to Korean professionals over the phone. I then wrote a textbook for the company to use with their students who are software professionals.

Download the writing sample as a PDF file.

Academic writing

2016 to 2018

I researched and wrote 10 articles for the encyclopedia Environmental Health in the 21st Century: From Air Pollution to Zoonotic Diseases, published February 2018. I later wrote two chapters of the book Urban Health Issues: Exploring the Impacts of Big-City Living, published April 2019.

Both edited by Richard Crume and published in Santa Barbara, CA by ABC-CLIO (Greenwood Imprint).

Download the writing sample as a PDF file.

My education

UC San Diego Extension

UX Design certificate
In progress

Taking courses in principles of UX design, working on my design portfolio, and sharpening my skills in responsive web design and even trying a bit of programming!

Vanderbilt University

Bachelor of Science, 2017
Nashville, Tennessee

I had 2 interdisciplinary majors: cognitive studies and communication of science, engineering and technology

Download my transcript as a PDF file.