Quick-start guide

I just handed over a piece of work I did for the Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation team at my company, Spark New Zealand Limited.

As part of a review of the customer journeys for one of our IoT products, I was asked to rewrite and redesign the “quick-start guide” for adding devices to a third-party portal.

Because my company doesn’t own the portal, it’s not possible to change the flow of account registration emails or anything inside the web app, like links to help topics, tool tips or UI improvements. Instead, we’re currently wrapping the help content around the third-party platform. Many customers end up emailing or calling the support team just because they forgot their password.

The existing content was a heavily highlighted Word document that was attached to a welcome email sent to all new customers. It was missing some steps, it was highly technical and it didn’t give a sense of hierarchy, in the sense that the most important information looked the same as trivial notes. I worked from this document along with the welcome email and the technical experts in the IoT team to redesign the content for web.

To organise my first draft, I mapped the content by sections to a customer journey map. We use the JUCCI framework, which stands for join, use, change, care, involve.

Then I rewrote the content within those sections to be customer-friendly, based on my own nonexistent knowledge of IoT and networks.

Finally, I did two rounds of user testing and observation using an actual field test device. When the user has followed the steps correctly, the device actually sends data to the online web app.

See it here: IoT Quick-Start Guide

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