Outdoor recreation

As a college student, I planned and led adventure trips for participants of varying skill levels.

Wilderness First Aid

In February 2016, after joining the Vanderbilt Outdoor Rec Center staff, I became certified in Wilderness First Aid (WFA). An instructor from Wilderness Medical Associates came to my university campus for the two-day course.

We covered many scenarios, including:

  • Assessing patients
  • Stabilising injuries
  • Giving CPR
  • Preventing, recognising and treating hypothermia and heat exhaustion
  • Wounds and burns
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Splinting arms and legs
  • Carrying patients

I recently got an email from Vanderbilt about re-certification for WFA, as mine expired in February 2019. (And that used to sound so far away!) But I’m happy to know that they still offer WFA courses to students and staff.

Read more about Wilderness First Aid

Trip coordinator

In January 2016, I joined the Vanderbilt University Outdoor Recreation staff. I worked as a equipment specialist and a trip coordinator. With the ORC I planned and led adventure trips for participants of varying skill levels.

Screenshot of the Vanderbilt ORC Adventure Trip web page
The hero photo on the ORC website is mine, from our backpacking trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in spring 2016.

I made a map of my outdoor trips when I was getting interested in map-based data. It includes my trips with the Outdoor Rec Center as well as personal trips in the outdoors.

Map of trips
A map of the trips I led with the Vanderbilt University Outdoor Rec Center
A copy of a fall 2016 "adventure trip schedule"

I also managed equipment rentals.

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